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Inspiring Marketing Strategies For Your Film Or TV Show

Marcus Taylor

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Over the past few weeks Irsquo;ve had a number of conversations with people involved in film amp; TV marketing about how best to use social media to virally promote movies and TV series online.

There are a few things unique about marketing films and TV shows. Timing is incredibly important – you must build up as much hype in the short space of time leading up to and around the launch as possible. Another unique factor is that films and TV shows, by their very nature, are content gold mines – a huge privilege when it comes to crafting a powerful content marketing strategy for an upcoming film or TV show launch.

Unfortunately, movie marketing is not a science, but there are a lot of lessons we can learn from those who have successfully (or unsuccessfully) marketed films amp; shows before us. Below are 17 strategies, tactics, case studies amp; ideas for creating an exceptional online marketing campaign for your next movie or TV show.

#1 Do Something Remarkable – The Publicity Stunt

Seth Godin, one of the brightest minds in the marketing world, summed it up perfectly when he said: “by definition, remarkable things get remarked upon”. I am a strong believer that word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. If you want to leverage viral marketing of any sorts, you must begin by doing something worth talking about.

When Game of Thrones marketed their latest series in the UK, they erected a bus-sized dragonrsquo;s head, appearing to have been washed up on a Dorset beach.

When these guys launched Chronicle, they flew remote controlled humans through New York City, scoring free publicity from hundreds of media outlets. Do something remarkable.

#2 Pre-Roll Video Advertising

Pre-roll video ads are an incredibly effective tool for drumming up interest and seeding your trailer online. Theyrsquo;re relatively inexpensive, and you arenrsquo;t charged if the viewer clicks lsquo;skiprsquo; within the first five seconds. Using a service like TubeMogulyou can easily have your trailer appearing before related videos on YouTube, as well as sites like IMDB, 4oD, Vimeo, and many other sites.

The important thing to remember with pre-roll advertising is to give the viewer a call to action i.e. something to do right now. This could be visiting the moviersquo;s Facebook Page and engaging in a social game about the film, or entering a competition to win premiere tickets, or perhaps just going through to the moviersquo;s official website to watch the full-length trailer. Of course, the more interesting you can make it for the viewer the better.

#3 Be Smart With Press Junkets

Press Junkets are one of the movie industryrsquo;s most powerful publicity tactics. Essentially, these events fly as many key journalists, critics, and reporters to a location where, over the course of a few days, the press can conduct interviews with all of the main actors and directors from the film.

Be smart with who you invite to your press junket. Donrsquo;t limit yourself to journalists – theyrsquo;re not the only people who can create buzz around your film. While the main journalists and critics will be key, you may also want to experiment with inviting influential bloggers and fans to the event. One tactic may be to run a lsquo;mini press junketrsquo; in all of the major cities that yoursquo;re planning to launch in. This will open up huge potential to run a social media competition for a number of fans in each city to attend their local press event and meet the cast.

#4 Let your viewers experience the story

The Hunger Games had one of the most forward-thinking digital marketing campaigns of the decade. Irsquo;ll touch on various aspects of their strategy throughout the post, but perhaps the most innovative aspect of their strategy was their lsquo;Virtual Hunger Gamesrsquo;, whereby users could join a district and compete against other districts, just like in the film.

This virtual game enabled viewers to experience what the characters in the film experienced while engaging with other fans of the film. What was incredibly smart, was how this game also tied in aspects of gamification and social integration to incentivise users to invite their friends, share updates, and ultimately spread the word about The Hunger Games virally.

#5 IMDB Listings amp; Advertising

They say that the hardest place to sell a book is in a bookstore, but with millions of people visiting IMDB on a daily basis in search of new films and TV shows to watch, itrsquo;d be ridiculous to ignore this site in your film or TV showrsquo;s digital marketing strategy.

There are some great posts explaining how to get your film listed on IMDB. My advice is to be as comprehensive as you possibly can when filling out the information required in the listing, and do whatever it takes to drive people to review the film. IMDB is a search engine, and much like Google or YouTube, their algorithm is driven largely by relevance and popularity, so yoursquo;ll want to make sure that your film page contains as much information as possible, and is well linked throughout the site.

IMDB also has an excellent range of advertising packages, which are worth looking into. Another tip is to leverage film lists. Try creating lsquo;top 10rsquo; or lsquo;top 50rsquo; lists for films of your genre, featuring your film or TV show somewhere in the list. Itrsquo;s a bit sneaky, but providing your film is relevant and a valuable edition, no onersquo;s getting hurt!

#6 Involve your audience







Seth Godin, 营销领域最具智慧的人之一,对此做出了完美的总结,他说:“根据定义,值得注意的事情将得到关注。”我坚信口口相传是最有力的营销形式。如果你想要利用任何形式的病毒营销,你必须首先策划一些值得讨论的事件。



#2 前贴片视频广告

前贴片视频广告对于预告片的在线推广非常有效。这种形式相对便宜,而且一旦观众在前五秒内点击“跳过”,则不收取费用。使用这种类似TubeMogul的服务可以轻松地让您的预告片出现在Youtube,IMDB, 4oD, Vimeo等许多其他视频网站上。


#3 记者招待会需要智慧



#4 让观众亲身体验



#5 IMDB榜单amp;广告




#6 让你的观众参与电影制作







#8 创建一个好看又实用的子站点











#10运用细分社交网络——Vine, Instagram, Pinterest

虽然Facebook, YouTube和 Twitter基本上处在您社会媒体策略的核心位置,但这并不意味着你应该避开较小的平台,例如Vine,Instagram或Pinterest。运用类似于Vine这样的平台已有人进行了一些非常有创意的电影营销活动。诀窍在于了解这些平台,并且采取适合平台受众的内容策略。例如,圣丹斯电影节利用Pinterest来大力推广最佳独立电影。虽然他们可能只有4497名粉丝,但其中许多粉丝在他们自己的主页上积极分享圣丹斯电影节的图钉(类似于话题)——这使得他们能够进行病毒传播。




我第一次听说《绝命毒师》这部电视剧,是因为一个朋友在他的facebook主页上发了一个链接,说你可以以五位数的价格购买一个泰迪熊或者一件内裤,这些都是电视剧里使用过的道具。拍卖这些道具为电视剧带来了巨大的曝光度,并且获得了Mashable, The Verge, Gizmodo, CNN等多家媒体的报道。









你的电影或电视节目大概都会有一个观众以某种方式与之相连的角色。许多电影营销巧妙地利用观众对某些角色的喜爱(或讨厌),在社交媒体上围绕这些角色建立一个人物角色,。 Twitter上的Ted角色就是一个很好的例子。Ted坐拥近70万追随者,持续在网络上发表有趣的评论,这些评论像野火一样蔓延。虽然这显然需要时间来建立这样一个规模的观众群,但对于这部电影来说,这实际上是一种免费营销——每一天,Ted都可以发布一条数十万点击率的推特,并推动成千上万的转发。

同样,在2011年的《布偶大电影》电影筹备阶段,电影背后的营销团队决定在《布偶大电影》电影的粉丝和角色之间举办google 聚会。这场运动引起了数百万人的注意。







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